Import is our passion. Since 1983 we travel around the world to discover the new trends, just for you!

Started with retail business we discovered very quickly that wholesale makes much more fun and enlarged our team accordingly. 

In 2018 we built a new warehouse. Now we can concentrate more on your wishes and requests and get more efficient and confident, to be a perfect partner for you and give you a service which you surely deserve.

We are growing and developing ourseves daily. Thanks to your recognition we feel motivated to do more, to travel to new countries and develop new products, just for you!

Customer experience is very important for us : our partners in India and Asia are taking care for quality and checking every step of the mass production. We know well what our customers expect and do our best to satisfy them.

We are proud to deliver goods to the countries all over the world, like Australia or Tahiti.

We are glad to be there for you anytime. Just give us a call or send us a message!

Your Concord Team